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Signs and symptoms of Rosacea


Many people with rosacea have a history of frequent blushing or flushing. This facial redness may come and go, and is often the earliest sign of the disorder.

Persistent Redness

Persistent facial redness is the most common individual sign of rosacea, and may resemble a blush or sunburn that does not go away.

Bumps and Pimples

Small red solid bumps or pus-filled pimples often develop. While these may resemble acne, blackheads are absent and burning or stinging may occur.  Resist the urge to pop anything – the rosacea condition is quite different and requires specialized treatment.

Visible Blood Vessels

In many people with rosacea, small blood vessels become visible on the skin.

In its most advanced phase,  rosacea exists as a more intensified version of all of the previous conditions. More veins, deeper redness and an increase in the size of the nose – called rhinophyma – mark the last phase of this chronic skin condition.


Rosacea patients are advised to identify and avoid lifestyle and environmental factors that may aggravate their individual conditions. Patients may also benefit from gentle and appropriate skin care, and cosmetics may be used to reduce the effect of rosacea on appearance.

Doctors often prescribe oral and topical rosacea therapy.  This often includes antibiotics which work for rosacea because of their anti-inflammatory properties, not because of their antibacterial properties as rosacea is not due to any bacterial infection.   Products containing a sulfur drug or azelaic acid may be prescribed as an alternative or adjunct to antibiotic therapy, and a cardiovascular medication is sometimes used to control severe flushing.

Laser and IPL treatments are used to remove visible blood vessels or reduce extensive redness.  These modalities emit wavelengths of light that target tiny blood vessels just under the skin. Heat from the laser’s energy builds in the vessels, causing them to disintegrate. Generally, at least three treatments are required, depending on the severity of redness or visible blood vessels.  IPL and laser treatments offer the quickest route to reducing redness and are incredibly effective either on their own or when combined with prescription oral and topical therapies.  At TLC Medispa we have extensive experience using IPL and laser to treat redness and vessels associated with rosacea.  Most often we are more familiar with these treatments and less expensive than your doctor.  Read more about Photofacials here.

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