Wondering what products you really need in your skincare regimen? Whether you’re a power user or a minimalist, if you care about having healthy, beautiful skin, there are certain products you should definitely be using. Here’s what you need: + A Cleanser This is a no-brainer. The first step in obtaining healthy skin is to … Continue reading “The 6+ Skincare Products You Need To Be Using”

1. Laser hair removal is the best, seriously THE best method out there for dealing with unwanted hair! And remember, when comparing laser hair removal with other forms of depilation, laser and electrolysis are the only treatments that you will ever be finished with. (Electrolysis is so much more time intensive and painful though.) Waxing, threading, … Continue reading “Laser Hair Removal: 10 Things You May Not Already Know”

It’s our first blog post! Yay!!! We thought it would be a great idea to be able to speak more casually about some of the treatments and products we offer in order to give you more of a behind-the-scenes view.  So, here goes! Today I’d like to talk about the Laser Facial because it’s one … Continue reading “The Laser Facial Lowdown – Why we love this treatment.”