Hello and welcome to TLC Medispa! We’re thrilled to have you as potential clients. Here at TLC Medispa, we offer state-of-the-art lasers combined with very personal and customer-oriented service to get you the best results possible in the most pleasant way possible. Here is some information which should hopefully answer some of your questions.

Appointments are subject to availability. Hours are M-Th 11-7, F 11-5 and we are open every other Saturday from 11 – 4. Evening and weekend hours are limited due to high demand and we cannot guarantee appointments at these times. We will try to get everyone treated as quickly as possible.

Laser Hair Removal Voucher

The decision to have laser hair removal is one of the best ones you will make! Laser hair removal really works and it will change your life in that you will no longer have to waste time with shaving or waxing, endure the bumps and irritation that result from these hair removal methods, and you will be able to stop worrying: Am I ready for the beach? Or: Will he notice this stubble?

For the laser hair removal small treatment area option you may choose only ONE of the following treatment areas: lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, between the brow, front of the neck, underarms, belly button line and bikini line (women only.) Please see our “Treatment areas” page for a description of each area. For the large treatment area option you must choose between shoulders and Brazilian bikini (women only.) Please see our “Treatment areas” page for a description of what area the treatment covers.

UPGRADES:  We are offering some very special upgrade prices to be used in conjunction with the small treatment area voucher. This means you will be upgrading, if you choose, from a small area to one of the following larger areas:

We do not have any special upgrade pricing for the large treatment area option. If you wish to upgrade to one of the larger areas above, please purchase the small treatment area voucher.

Here are some things to know before you get started with laser hair removal: (1) You must arrive on time to your appointment and must be prepared for your treatment ie the area to be treated should be shaved prior to your appointment, the area should be free of make-up, deodorant, or any tinted lotions including self-tanner. The area must not be tan. Also, do not wax or pluck for 3-4 weeks before your first treatment; (2) do not bleach or use any depilatory creams between treatments; and (3) you cannot be on any antibiotics or light-sensitive medications for at least 1 week before treatment. (4) We regret that we cannot treat women while they are pregnant so please plan accordingly.  If you become pregnant during the course of your treatment, we will have to stop treatments.  You are still bound by the expiration date of your groupon.

We use 3 different machines: the Cynosure Apogee Elite, the Palomar Starlux 500 and the Palomar Vectus. The Cynosure has both an Alexandrite and an Nd:Yag laser. The Palomar Starlux uses Intense Pulsed Light and the Palomar Vectus uses a Diode laser. Our machines can cover the full range of skin types and work equally well in achieving permanent hair reduction. TLC Medispa staff reserves the right to determine which machine may be used for your treatment. You may be treated with one or all of our lasers during the course of your treatment. Unfortunately we cannot take requests for a specific machine. We also cannot take requests for particular laser technicians.

Laser treatments on the face are done every 4-6 weeks. Laser treatments on the most other areas are done every 6-8 weeks.  Laser treatments on the back and legs are done every 10 weeks.

6 laser sessions will get rid of 70-90% of the hair in most cases. There are always exceptions. Laser does not work on blonde, red, white or grey hairs. Very fine hairs are tougher to treat and may not get the same 70-90% decrease in hair growth that thicker hairs get but will still see a significant decrease in the amount of hair. Darker skin types may require additional treatments.

For treatment areas that have 2 sides ie right and left underarm, deals cover both sides.

Scheduling and Office Procedures:

During the first few days after the deal runs the phones will be very busy. The best way to contact us with questions is via email at info@tlcmedispa.com. You may call also but will likely have to leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience. To book your appointment, please use our online booking system. A link to this system is provided on our “Contact Us” page. A few days prior to your scheduled appointment we will email you a medical questionnaire and consent forms. Please fill these out, sign and bring them to your consultation/first appointment. These forms must be signed in their original format prior to receiving treatments. Please also remember to bring your voucher to your first session. You may present a printed voucher or use your mobile device but if you do not present a voucher you will be charged for your treatment.
All customers must follow our regular business rules. We have a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If you do not give 48 hrs notice to cancel or change your appointment, you will be charged a $65 rescheduling fee for appointments 30 minutes or less and a $75 rescheduling fee for appointments that are longer than 30 minutes. Please make note of and take this policy seriously.

Groupon, November 2013

This deal is limited to one per customer. This means that you may only use one voucher as a client of TLC Medispa. Even if you purchase a voucher and someone gives you one as a gift, you may only use one voucher total with TLC Medispa. If you have already used a groupon voucher (or a Living Social, bloomspot or Amazon Local voucher) with us prior to this deal, you may not use another one.

You must choose one of the two options, either the small treatment area or the large treatment area. You may not purchase and/or use more than one treatment option. You must choose one treatment area. Vouchers cannot be split to cover more than one treatment area.

The expiration date on your voucher means that you must have your first treatment by that date. You must then use all 6 of your treatments within one year of redeeming your voucher. If you do not complete all treatments within the specified period of time, any outstanding treatments will be forfeited. This includes women who become pregnant during the course of their treatments.

Thank you for considering TLC Medispa for your laser treatment center.  We are looking forward to meeting you!